Frequently Asked Questions


We offer 2 types of book packages:

Fiction/Non-Fiction Books and Zero Content Books (coloring books, journals, planners)


1. Is This PLR?
NO! We don’t use any PLR. These books are created with unique content written by our own in house writers. The book is created and SOLD ONLY ONCE. After that the files are deleted from our harddrive and you are now the sole owner of the book, the content and the copyright attached.

2. What do I get In A Book Package?
In your book package you get the following files:
a. Microsoft Word Source Documents for Print & Digital.
b. EPUB, MOBI and Web PDF versions for your Digital Book.
c. Print PDF for Large Print & Trade Paperback Books.
d. Book Detail File including all Metadata need to publish your book.
e. 5 300 DPI Images that are used inside your book.
f. Cover Art: An eBook Cover, Large Print and Trade Paperback Cover & Audio Book Cover.(includes PSD files for editing)
g. 7,500 Words of Unique Content inside your book.

3. Can I Edit The Book?
YES! You can edit your book easily by editing the source file and recreating the digital, print files. We can also do the editing and personalize your book. Select the Personalize My Book Add On when you are checking out.

4. What If I Don’t Like The Book?
Unfortunately we do not allow refunds, however we will conduct One Free Round of Editing. All other changes will be billed on a cases by case basis.

5. How Much Money Will I Make?
There are several factors that will determine this. Using a Authors In A Flash Book will allow you to get a Head Start as all your Metadata is tailored to get your titles discovered by readers searching for a specific topic which gives you an edge in the game. Once your book is live it depends on the additional marketing that you do which will help with sales.

6. What Other Add Ons Can I Get With My Book?
There are three other add-ons you can get with your book:
a. The Enhanced Version of your book which includes a video added to your eBook
b. An Android App version of your book ready to be uploaded to Google Play and Kindle Appstore.

7. Where Can I Publish My eBook, Print Book and Large Print?
There are several places you can publish your book files.
a. Amazon KDP.
b. Barnes and Noble Nook Press.
c. Apple iBookStore.
d. KOBO Bookstore Writing Life.
e. Google Play eBook Store.
f. SmashWords.
g. Speedy Publishing LLC* RECOMMENDED.
h. Create Space Print On Demand.
i. Lightning Source – Print On Demand

8. What Do Niche Stats Mean?
Each book displays Niche Stats. First Niche value is a total of the sales of the top 16 books in that niche on Amazon.Com over a one month period (30 days). The Average price is the average of the prices for each of those same top 16 books. This helps to tell you what you can price your book at and how much money is being made in the niche.

FAQ – ZERO CONTENT BOOKS – (price range 79.00 – 129.00) 

What do I get in my Zero Content Package? 

Each zero content book package comes with a Metadata file, a PDF interior file and your print cover file. All are print ready to be uploaded to all retailers that accept print on demand books (like CreateSpace and Amazon)

Can I edit my book?

These types of books can be edited in Adobe software.

Can I get any Add Ons with this type of book?

Yes, you can get language translations and customizations such as adding an authors name and changing the title.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the book?

Unfortunately once you have had the book delivered to you we cannot allow refunds. Zero Content books are very basic coloring, journal and planner type books. If you have any questions before purchasing please ask.

I Have More Questions? How Do I Contact You?
You can reach out to us on our Contact Us Page and we will address any pre-purchase and post purchase questions you might have.

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