Translate your existing English Authors In Flash Coloring Books to MULTIPLE LANGUAGES. This includes German, Spanish and French. Target your books to different Amazon Platforms and take advantage of untapped markets and DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your royalties. With your book you can target Amazon.FR – France, Amazon.DE – Germany and Amazon.ES – Spain. WE USE EXPERTS AT ONE HOUR TRANSLATION to do all translations.

Each Package Includes:

Title Translation: Your Title translated to GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH or ALL THREE.

Cover Artwork Translation: Your translated title is added to your already stunning book cover.
Copyright Page Translation: Copyright page is translated by native language translators to GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH or ALL THREE.
Book Detail File Translation: Your entire Book Detail file including your Book Description and Keywords are fully translated and OPTIMIZED for each Platform – this ensures that your titles can be discovered for multiple searches.





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